DEMETRA Advancing Women’s Future on Agripreneurship

DEMETRA, is a project dedicated to the creation of those conditions that will enable women in rural areas to be involved in the agricultural sector and showcase entrepreneurial activity in the aforementioned sector. By providing the tools for educating women on agricultural entrepreneurship, and offering them the ability to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and skills, the project aspires to become a milestone and a point of future reference for women in the field of agripreneurship.

On the whole, the project addresses the need to better understand the existing and needed competencies of women in rural areas with regards to agricultural entrepreneurship and promote a more inclusive context for their participation in the field. At the same time, this project, is the consortium’s response to the need of these women for education through a specifically designed innovative curriculum, platform and a mentoring scheme reflecting on women’s current needs on agricultural entrepreneurship training and also a response to lack of resources for VET providers on the topic.

The project DEMETRA: Developing Entrepreneurial skills & tools for woMEn in agriculture in Rural Areas, is implemented under Key Action 2 – Cooperation Partnerships and is financed by the ERASMUS+ program of the European Union.

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