GAEA Project

Granting Access to Employment & Entrepreneurship in Agriculture for women

GAEA is an innovative, forward-looking project aiming to – INSPIRE - MENTOR – EMPOWER – EDUCATE -TRAIN Women, in order to thrive as entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector through the development of an entrepreneurial mindset and skills necessary for pursuing a successful agripreneurial career based on innovative, greener, sustainable entrepreneurial models. Through a transnational collaborative initiative bringing together 13 partners from Higher Education Institutions - VET Providers - Labor Market Actors - Technological Institutions - Representatives from farmers and EU cooperatives - Local and European Stakeholders, GAEA, aims to facilitate the flow and transfer of knowledge in the areas of agripreneurship, agrifood and agrotoutism reflecting on the specific need of women in terms of soft and hard skills, knowledge, values and attitudes to be entrepreneurial and generate value for their local communities.

The main objective of the project is to provide a close-knit base among the key stakeholders of the sector by introducing a one-stop digital platform. The platform will include key training materials , industry links, mentoring and coaching opportunities, and a highly innovative UI-based application that will enable young women to assess their skills against the ESCO classification. The multidisciplinary partnership, which consists of 13 partners from 10 EU countries, will develop a pan-European digital ecosystem for young women entrepreneurs in agriculture, which will be developed in such a way that it can be maintained and further developed even after the end of the three-year project.

The project “GAEA: Granting Access to Employment & Entrepreneurship in Agriculture for women”, is implemented under Key Action 2 –Alliances for Innovation and is funded by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union.

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