Cyprus Launch Event for Horizon Europe 2021-27 – “Europe sets for new R&I Horizons” – Presentations

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SESSION 2: Pillars & Widening

Excellent Science

Ms. ARANO Begoña – REA, European Commission

Ms. ZOBBI Roberta – DG RTD, European Commission

Global Challenges and European Industry Competitiveness

Ms. KORDECKA Aleksandra – Horizon Europe Strategic Planning and Programming, DG R&I,
European Commission

Innovative Europe

Mr. MALO Jean-David – European Innovation Council, DG R&I, European Commission

Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area

Ms. PANAGOPOULOU Anna – Common Support Centre, DG R&I, European Commission

SESSION 3: Participation modalities and novelties in applying for funding under Horizon Europe

Proposal submission, evaluation and selection

Ms. VERGARA Isabel – Common Service for Business Processes, DG R&I, European Commission

The new Model Grant Agreement (main rules for participation)

Mr. SCHULTE Reinhard – Common Legal Support Service, DG R&I, European Commission