1st European Teaming Conference with the participation of Centers of Excellence (CoE)

20 Οκτωβρίου 2022
Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy

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The 1st European Teaming Conference is organised by the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, as part of its commitment to invest in Research and Innovation (R&I), as key pillars of economic growth and social prosperity, and support the sustainable development of the Centres of Excellences in particular. Gathering representatives from all 25 European Projects funded under the Horizon 2020 “Teaming for Excellence” Programme – 6 of which are based in Cyprus – the European Commission and the Research Executive Agency, as well as stakeholders from the national R&I ecosystem, the Conference aims at serving as a platform for exchange of knowledge and experiences among the participants. The programme includes interesting, though-provoking sessions making the event a great opportunity to share views and discuss common challenges.

A closed session will also take place on Thursday, 20 October 2022.


To download the program please click here.

Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy

Cyprus has set forth an aspirational vision for becoming a fit-for-the-future society and knowledge-based economy, enabled by digital technologies and innovation. The ultimate goal: drive economic competitiveness, stimulate business activity, create new jobs, elevate social prosperity and sustainable growth. Embarking towards this ambitious vision, the Deputy Ministry, wth horizontal responsibilities over research and innovation and digital policy, has crafted a holistic strategy in the domains of eGovernment and Digital Skills, Connectivity, Communications and Space Technologies, Research as well as Innovative Entrepreneurship. Fostering a transformational ecosystem that goes beyond economic returns, concentrates on social outputs and stresses the importance of knowledge, as the basis of a strong, sustainable and more resilient development model.


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Representatives from all 25 European Projects funded under the Horizon 2020 “Teaming for Excellence” Programme, the European Commission and the Research Executive Agency, as well as stakeholders from the national R&I ecosystem.


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20 Οκτωβρίου 2022@ 09:00 ΠΜ to
21 Οκτωβρίου 2022

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