18th Digital Marketing Forum

2 Δεκεμβρίου 2022

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With the rapid pace of change in digital marketing, it is difficult to predict the future or keep up with changes. However, today’s businesses and entrepreneurs have a stronger chance of gaining a competitive advantage. Digital marketing has opened up the arena of marketing putting every company and/ or entrepreneur into a level playing field with bigger corporates, visibility and promotion chances. The future of marketing is digital and businesses must follow the fast pace of changes; otherwise they will be overtaken by the competition.

The 18th Digital Marketing Forum will highlight the vital role of digital marketing for the success of any business. Throughout the conference, well-known digital marketing experts from Cyprus and abroad will analyze the latest trends, present innovative tools, and reveal successful solutions and strategies. A number of topics will be discussed during this year’s Forum, including innovative approaches, the importance of behavioral analytics, choosing the right agency, the new Google Analytics and ways to approach B2B customers. These tools will help businesses not just survive turbulent times, but also prosper as the information era evolves.*

Reasons to attend
• To gain insights from top digital marketing experts.
• To understand the value of digital marketing and expand your business.
• To be inspired by case studies of digital marketing that has brought amazing results.
• To gain new ideas for your future strategies.
• To network and have fun with like-minded people.

*The conference will be held by physical presence, based on the health protocols that will apply in the given time and in accordance with the evolution of COVID-19.


To download the conference program please click here.

George Zervides
Marketing & Brand Strategist, Trainer

George Zervides holds an MBA from the Maastricht School of Management. He has served the advertising industry in managerial positions for more than 20 years before launching his own marketing & branding consultancy. He would call himself a “Brand Believer” and his portfolio includes numerous local and international brands and organisations. He is the founder and CEO of the Cyprus Marketing Youth Society (Cy.M.Y.S). At the same time, he is a certified trainer and he is appointed by organisations in order to deliver trainings and workshops in the fields of Marketing Strategy, Corporate Culture, Client Management, Branding and Soft Skills. He is also a part time lecturer at the University of Nicosia where he teaches Marketing, Advertising, Brand Marketing and Media Planning. He is invited as a keynote speaker and chairman to various seminars and conferences. George Zervides, who was born at a time when the term “digital marketing” would probably be considered as a Beatles new song title, believes that 85% of one’s problems can be solved by developing Soft Skills. Solving the other 15% requires good meditation skills. Wine can also help.

Sanjay Sauldie

CEO, iROi Global OÜ, Germany

Sanjay Sauldie is Director of the European Internet Marketing Institute EIMIA and CEO of digital marketing consulting agency digiroi.org. Awarded with the Internet Oscar “Golden Web Award” by the International Association of Webmasters in Los Angeles/USA and twice with the “Innovation Award of the Initiative Mittelstand”, he is one of the most sought-after European experts on the topics of digitization in companies and society. In his lectures and seminars Sanjay ignites a firework of impulses from practice for practice. He manages to make the complex world of digitisation understandable for everyone in simple words. Sanjay Sauldie captivates his listeners with his pictorial language and encourages them to put the valuable tips into practice immediately – a real enrichment for every event!

Παντελής Βλαδιμήρου
Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος, Webarts

Ο Παντελής Βλαδιμήρου είναι ο Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος της Webarts. Η Webarts ιδρύθηκε το 2008 με όραμα να καταστεί ο κορυφαίος στρατηγικός συνεργάτης στον τομέα της ψηφιακής προβολής και επικοινωνίας των Κυπριακών επιχειρήσεων. Σήμερα, με 23 άτομα προσωπικό και περισσότερους από 300 πελάτες, προσφέρει λύσεις στον χώρο της επικοινωνίας μέσα από υπηρεσίες όπως Social Media, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Web Design, SEO και άλλα σχετικά. Στόχος της εταιρείας είναι να εφαρμόζει στρατηγικές οι οποίες αποφέρουν ξεκάθαρο όφελος, επηρεάζοντας άμεσα τις πωλήσεις και τους στόχους των πελατών της.

Iosif Koutsoulinis
Head of Marketing, Wella Company, Greece

Iosif Koutsoulinis is Head of Marketing at Wella Company. He has extensive experience of many years in the fields of Marketing, Communication and Public Relations and has worked in Greek and multinational companies, including Coty, P&G and Novartis. In recent years, the roles he takes on are in the areas of Brand & Influencer Marketing, while the design of attractive narrative content is at the heart of B2B & B2C communication plans. Together with the team and its partners execute Influencer Marketing campaigns, through strategic networking with Media Experts & Social Media Influencers. He holds MSc in Global Consumer Marketing from the University of Liverpool, while his BSc is from the Department of Marketing & Advertising at the University of West Attica.

Περικλής Έλληνας
Ιδρυτής και Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος, Imarcomms | Διεθνής Συνεργάτης & Εγκεκριμένος Εκπαιδευτής, Digital Marketing Institute

Ο Περικλής Έλληνας θεωρείται ανάμεσα στους πρωτοπόρους του Digital Marketing με εμπειρία πέραν των 20 χρόνων σε Κύπρο και Αμερική. Έχει δημιουργήσει το πρώτο διαδραστικό εργαλείο μέτρησης online αγορών και διαδραστικής συμπεριφοράς σε συστηματική βάση –The I Report. Επίσης απονεμήθηκε το διεθνούς εμβέλειας Marketing Excellence Award για την καλύτερη διαδραστική εκστρατεία της χρονιάς. Ο Περικλής Έλληνας ήταν από το 2006 ο Εμπνευστής και Διευθυντής του διεθνούς τμήματος διαδραστικής επικοινωνίας OgilvyOne Worldwide στην Κύπρο και ανάμεσα στους πρώτους εφαρμοστές διαδραστικών εκστρατειών διαφήμισης και επικοινωνίας στο διαδίκτυο. Είναι διεθνής συνεργάτης και εγκεκριμένος εκπαιδευτής του Digital Marketing Institute προσφέροντας τα διεθνής εμβέλειας προγράμματα και διπλώματα του στην Κύπρο και το εξωτερικό, όπως και επιχορηγημένα Σεμινάρια & Customized Workshops για δημιουργία Digital Strategy για Οργανισμούς. Σπούδασε στην Αμερική και είναι κάτοχος BA με εξειδίκευση στο Marketing και MBA με έμφαση στο Ε-commerce Strategy.

Chris N. Cheetham-West
Founder & President, LR Training Solutions, USA

Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA, is an international speaker, author, and Founder of LR Training Solutions. Global brands, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies seek out Chris and his company for their events and trainings. In his former position at Google, he managed marketing programs and strategies for key products. Experienced and driven, Chris’s career has allowed him to present in 48 states and to teams in various countries including Serbia, Germany, Canada, and France. He has worked with teams at the Government of Canada, Lamar Advertising, and more. Voted Top 50 Black Entrepreneurs in 2020 by D-Mars. He is certified in Google Analytics. Chris and his team take the time to understand the needs of each new customer. Chris is the author of Digital Marketing For Results. and Leading in a Virtual World. He helps teams with Google Analytics 4 services.

Clarice Lin
Founder, BaselineLabs, UK

Clarice Lin is The ROI Doctor and Founder of BaselineLabs, an advertising and content analytics agency that works with companies to get on page one of the top 2 search engines: Google & YouTube. She helps businesses fill up their sales pipelines with lead-attracting blogs, YouTube videos and Google ads so they don’t have to spend time convincing prospects to become paying customers. Clarice has been named one of the Top Social Media Influencers to follow in 2021 by Planable, one of the leading enterprise social media tools. Prior to founding BaselineLabs, she spent over 10 years at Fortune 500 companies like BP, Microsoft, and Haymarket Media Group, one of the world’s leading specialist media companies.

Alessandro Fragiacomo
Founder, MY4THWALL and Influence Business Director, Ogilvy, UK

Alessandro Fragiacomo holds 12+ years of international experience in the influencer marketing and social media space. He worked in marketing for The Walt Disney Company and built the Influencer Marketing functions at Opel Vauxhall and HYPERLINK "http://lastminute.com/"lastminute.com leading on multiple influencer partnerships. He also worked agency-side spearheading influencer campaigns for brands such as Amazon, BBC, and Salomon. In 2019 he founded his Company MY4THWALL to consult with entrepreneurs and digital talents on their business strategies. In 2021 he was named as one of the Top 50 global players in Influencer Marketing. Since 2022 Alessandro sits on the IMS Advisory Board and works at Ogilvy as Influence Business Director.

Harri Pasanen
Founder & Creative Director, Porpoise Marketing, Finland

Harri Pasanen is a seasoned strategist, creative director and the founding father of creative agency Porpoise Marketing. Over his 20 years in the business, Harri has worked with clients like IKEA, Audi and UNICEF, created award-winning campaigns for Nissan, Stora Enso and L’Oreal, and held successful workshops at international advertising festivals such as Eurobest and Digital Marketing Europe.

Giedrius Morkūnas
Co-Founder and Head of Growth, Marketing Recycling, Lithuania

Giedrius Morkūnas, with more than 17 years in marketing, has worked with leading brands (Western Union, Canon, HP, Dove, ASUS), has been a client of the world’s largest agencies (ex-Lowe Profero, now Mullenloweprofero), and delivered services as a Digital Marketing Freelancer himself. He has worked for B2B, B2C, Startup, and Corporate companies with budgets ranging from 0 to 200 000 EUR/month. Giedrius is a Performance Marketing practitioner with a Growth Hacking mindset, a startup mentor at Enterprise Lithuania and Startup Wise Guys.

Xenia Chatziioannidou
Digital Marketing Director, Partners VMLY&R

Xenia Chatziioannidou, a pioneer in the local advertising industry, has brought to life award-winning, digital-first campaigns. Holding Master’s Degrees in International Marketing Communications (MA, London Metropolitan University) and in International Marketing Strategy (MSc, Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et Marketing, Paris) she served as an Account Manager in London’s MC Saatchi before joining ADMINE Greece. She was then assigned to create, lead and grow the esteemed agency’s Cyprus branch, as a Country Director, a role she has successfully served for over 10 years. Currently leading Partners VMLY&R’s Digital team, Xenia’s experience, expertise and knowledge are invaluable to creating consumer-centric integrated communications strategies.

Μαριάννα Ζερβίδου
Head of Account Management & Creative, Gnomi Integrated Communications

Η Μαριάννα Ζερβίδου είναι ένα άτομο με πολυετή εμπειρία στον χώρο της Επικοινωνίας και συγκεκριμένα στον σχεδιασμό της Επικοινωνιακής Στρατηγικής σημαντικών διεθνών και τοπικών brands. Ο συνδυασμός της ευθύνης του Τμήματος Διαχείρισης Πελατών με αυτή του Δημιουργικού, της δίνει τη δυνατότητα να διασφαλίζει ότι οι δημιουργικές λύσεις Επικοινωνίας που προτείνονται από την εταιρία, «κουμπώνουν» γερά με τη συμφωνημένη Στρατηγική Επικοινωνίας του κάθε brand. Σαν μέλος της διευθυντικής ομάδας, αναλαμβάνει επίσης σημαντικές ευθύνες, τόσο για την επίτευξη των επιχειρηματικών στόχων της ίδιας της εταιρίας, αλλά και την ανάπτυξη της ευρύτερης διαφημιστικής βιομηχανίας του τόπου.

Konstantinos Kosmas
Client Services Director, Telia & Pavla BBDO and TheWorx

Konstantinos Kosmas is the company’s Client Services Director. After having studied Business Administration & Marketing at the University of Patras he gained experience working in marketing in variety of sectors, including Publishing, Insurance & Banking before coming to Cyprus in 2014. In 2015 he joined Telia & Pavla BBDO and now manages a capable team of marketing professionals who are handling the expansive clientele of the company.

Andreas Pavlou
Digital Services Director, Delema McCann Cyprus

Andreas Pavlou holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA in Marketing from the St. John’s University in New York. He has been employed at DELEMA MCCANN CYPRUS since 2005 and he is currently serving as the Director of Digital Services. He believes that change can only lead to improvement, as the marketing industry is rapidly adapting and has transformed to a consumer dominant “ball game”. The ability to adapt and master change is a challenge that can only be addressed with constant learning and an open mind that fits into a strategic plan that has been carefully drafted. We learn from our mistakes, we fall, we push on and evolve. “Falling down is permitted…getting up is compulsory”

Νατάσα Περδίου
Digital Marketing Director, Αction Cyprus, Action Global Communications

H Νατάσα Περδίου, έχει δουλέψει με τα μεγαλύτερα brands της Κυπριακής αγοράς για να δημιουργήσουν μαζί, πετυχημένες digital-first καμπάνιες. Με MΑ στις Πολιτικές Επιστήμες (University of Cyprus), MΑ στο Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing Institute of Dublin), και BΑ στα Media Communications (University of Salford), η Νατάσα Περδίου διαθέτει μία ευρεία εμπειρία στον τομέα της επικοινωνίας και του digital μάρκετινγκ, ενώ μέχρι πρόσφατα κατείχε τη θέση της Διευθύντριας Ηλεκτρονικού Εμπορίου, Ψηφιακού Μάρκετινγκ και Επικοινωνίας του Ομίλου Χ.Α. Παπαέλληνα. Σήμερα είναι η Digital Director της Action Cyprus, μέλος της Action Global Communications, όπου βοηθάει τα brands του Agency να αναπτύξουν μια δυνατή ταυτότητα στον ψηφιακό κόσμο.

Φοίβος Φοίβου
Head of Digital, Ogilvy Cyprus

Ο Φοίβος Φοίβου έχει συνεργαστεί, κατά την επαγγελματική του σταδιοδρομία εδώ και 16 χρόνια, με τα μεγαλύτερα brands της Κυπριακής αγοράς και έχει φέρει εις πέρας μερικά από τα πιο επιτυχημένα projects στο ευρύτερο φάσμα της επικοινωνίας. Τα τελευταία 4 χρόνια έχει αναλάβει τον ρόλο του Head of Digital στην Ogilvy Cyprus, ενός από τα κορυφαία integrated advertising agencies στην Κύπρο και ηγείται μίας εξειδικευμένης ομάδας στον τομέα της ψηφιακής επικοινωνίας. Στο παρελθόν έχει διατελέσει Operations Director έχοντας την ευθύνη για το Customer Support υπηρεσιών όπως one-to-one marketing, CRM, data collection, Tv Programmes Visualisation, δημιουργία online πλατφόρμων για televoting, microgames, websites & applications. Μέσα από τη μακροχρόνια πορεία του, θεωρεί πως μία επιτυχημένη digital στρατηγική θα πρέπει να βασίζεται στην ανάλυση δεδομένων, προκειμένου να διασφαλίζει τόσο την αποτελεσματικότητα του performance marketing, αλλά και να αποτελεί την αφετηρία του content strategy ενός brand - Content in the right context.



Main Sponsor

Webarts is a full-service Digital Marketing agency based in Cyprus, operating since 2008. With an impressive track record and a client-centric approach, Webarts stands out as the preferred choice for comprehensive digital marketing, social media, and website design services. Webarts mission is to empower businesses with performance-driven marketing solutions that drive growth and success. With over a decade of expertise and commitment to delivering meaningful marketing strategies tailored to meet clients' unique needs. Webarts has a dedicated team of 25 members serving a diverse clientele of over 200 customers, including renowned brands such as Medohemie, Eureka, Radisson, UOL, ACS, Cyfield, Peletico, Elysee, and many more.

AdTech Holding
AdTech Holding is an Innovation hub based in Cyprus, which creates vibrant startup ecosystems and tech¬nologies for AdTech & MarTech projects. Since 2011, AdTech Holding has been a starting point for an array of industry leading advertising and digital marketing companies. Holding brings the most daring ideas to the market and creates cutting-edge solutions to deliver technology on a global scale.
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Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture and has surveyed more than 100 million employees around the world and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace experience. We help organizations quantify their culture and produce better business results by creating a high-trust work experience for all employees. Our culture management platform, empowers leaders with the surveys, real-time reporting and insights they need to make data-driven™ people decisions. We certify companies as a Great Place to Work® through our Employee Survey, from where we detect how the employees feel about their company’s workplace culture and help companies elevate their employer branding, by showcasing their excellent work environment and attracting talent. Everything we do is driven by our mission: to build a better world by helping every organization become a Great Place to Work For All™.


ImarComms is the first company that specializes in all fields of Interactive Marketing Communications in Cyprus bringing over a decade of experience in online marketing strategies and digital advertising campaigns. ImarComms specializes on E-commerce Strategy, Social Media Management & Content Marketing, Digital Advertising and Mobile Marketing among others. ImarComms has been awarded with the internationally recognizable Marketing Excellence Award for the Best Interactive Campaign of the year, and is also the creator of ‘The I Report’ – the first interactive tool to report online sales and internet consumer behavior on a regular basis. ImarComms is a Global Partner of the Digital Marketing Institute offering its full deck of Professional Programs and Global Certifications in classroom and online modes around the globe.


Η ΚΕΑΝ είναι από τους μεγαλύτερους παραγωγούς FMCG στην Κύπρο και εισαγωγείς γνωστών προϊόντων όπως HEINZ, KRAFT,AMOY και ΚΡΙ ΚΡΙ, με δραστηριότητα σε περισσότερες από 50 χώρες στην Ευρώπη, τη Μέση Ανατολή, την Άπω Ανατολή, την Αφρική και τις ΗΠΑ. Από την ίδρυσή της το 1949 μέχρι και σήμερα η εταιρεία έχει γράψει μια μεγάλη ιστορία στον τομέα της διαφήμισης και του μάρκετινγκ, έχοντας χαρίσει στην τοπική αγορά καμπάνιες, διαφημιστικά σποτ και jinglesπου έχουν αφήσει εποχή. Τα τελευταία χρόνια η εταιρεία επενδύει σημαντικά στο digitalmarketing, διαμορφώνοντας το δικό της digitalbranding, εφαρμόζοντας στρατηγική διαδραστικού περιεχομένου για κοινωνικά δίκτυα και υλοποιώντας μία σειρά εκστρατειών που έχουν δημιουργήσει buzz και virality όπως IWWIWWIWI, #MesTiZoiMazi, #KaneOtiNiothis και #LookAfterYourOranges.

OJO Sunglasses

H OJO sun&glasses είναι αλυσίδα καταστημάτων λιανικής πώλησης γυαλιών ηλίου και οπτικών με τη δική της εμπορική επωνυμία, όπου ιδρύθηκε το 2011 στην Κύπρο, με φιλοσοφία της το «δικαίωμα στην όραση για όλους». Συμπληρώνοντας φέτος 10 και 1 χρόνια ζωής, η OJO έχει αναπτύξει το δίκτυο της σε πάνω από 40 καταστήματα σε Κύπρο, Ελλάδα, Λίβανο, Μάλτα, Νότιο Αφρική και Σουηδική Αραβία  όπως επίσης και το δικό της ηλεκτρονικό κατάστημα. Έχει καταστήσει το όνομά της συνώνυμο με την καινοτομία, προσφέροντας όχι μόνο προϊόντα που ακολουθούν τις σύγχρονες τάσεις της μόδας αλλά και εξαιρετικής ποιότητας, αξιοποιώντας τις πιο σύγχρονες τεχνολογίες σε ανταγωνιστικές τιμές.

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IMH is a leading Corporate Events and Media organization operating in the Knowledge and Information Economy. It provides products and services based on content, intelligence and connections to specialist audiences. IMH services include the organization of conferences, summits, client events, exhibitions, business, and mainstream media. Every year, IMH organizes more than 200 corporate events in physical, hybrid and online form: Conferences and Exhibitions on all market sectors, Investment summits and road shows in Cyprus and abroad, Client Conferences and other corporate events, Business award ceremonies. Our corporate events provide the biggest networking, business development, knowledge providing and career advancement opportunities in Cyprus. IMH media department operates, publishes and distributes: IN Business, the leading monthly business magazine in Cyprus, GOLD, the leading English-language monthly business Magazine in Cyprus, IN Business Portal (www.inbusinessnews.com), GOLD Portal (www.goldnews.com.cy), Over 40 annual business catalogues, supplements and directories, Reporter (www.reporter.com.cy), one of the most visited multi-thematic news portal in Cyprus. IMH recently acquired Super FM, the leading music radio station in Cyprus.


The Forum is a must-attend event for:
• Business Owners, Chief Executive Officers, Marketing, Branding, Business Strategy, Sales, Communication, Customer Relations, Social Media, Public Relations, Business Development and Media Directors and Managers
• Advertising Agency and Market Research Company Executives, Marketing Consultants, Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising Specialists and Platform Developers.

Με τη Στήριξη
Cyprus Advertisers Association

The Cyprus Advertisers’ Association (CAA) is a non-profit body representing advertisers in Cyprus. Its members operate in a variety of business sectors – FMCG, telecommunications, finance, retail, etc. Α member of the World Federation of Advertisers since 2004, CAA invests significant time and effort to address three important issues: responsible marketing through industry self-regulation, provision of training for the members and ensuring access to audited and robust media research data.

Cyprus Communication Agencies Association

The Cyprus Communication Agencies Association is a non-profit company representing advertising and communication agencies in Cyprus. Founded in 1982, the CCAA has been a member of the European Association of Communications Agencies since 1990. The Board of the association aims to enhance its cooperation with governmental and other industry bodies, to enlarge the membership base, to provide quality services to member agencies and to have a stronger voice and role in various fora relating to market and media research.

Cyprus Online Publishers Association

The Cyprus Online Publishers Association was founded in May 2016. It consists of 11 Publishing Groups, which operate in online media. COPA’s manifesto is to create a trustful and transparent environment in the online Media market, implement the Code of Ethics among its members, establish an independent and uniform mechanism for auditing, and certify the traffic of all its members’ sites. Ultimately, COPA’s vision is to substantially contribute towards the enhancement, upgrading and development of online Media in Cyprus.


The project EnterCY proposes the development of a platform, aiming to promote Cyprus as a premium tourism destination by enhancing tourists’ experience, before, during and after their visit, through utilizing contemporary technology. The Project INTEGRATED/0916/0020 is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation.

Χορηγοί Επικοινωνίας
IN Business Magazine

As the flagship publication within IMH’s media brands, IN Business magazine, has a 16-year history, during which thousands of examples of good business practices by businesses and businesspeople, brands, commercial practices and developments have been showcased. The aim of IN Business was – and continues to be – the promotion of good Cypriot business. www.inbusinessnews.com

GOLD magazine

GOLD was first published in 2011 as the first monthly English-language magazine in Cyprus. Today, it not only consistently promotes good business practices but has a unique and valuable readership, comprising High Net Worth Individ¬uals, executives of international companies, and English-speaking Cypriot and non-Cypriot busi¬nessmen and women. www.goldnews.com.cy

Mesimvria Enterprises Ltd

Mesimvria Enterprises Ltd is a unique media house specializing in the Pay-TV business. The company’s primary activities are the creation and management of television channels and the sale of television rights for movies, series and documentaries. The company also offers translation, subtitling and dubbing services. In 2014, Mesimvria introduces the Greek Cinema channel to Cyprus TV. In 2015, the company launches Movies Best HD, the first Cypriot high-definition movie channel.


Project Managers
Despina Chiladaki
Despina is responsible for the speakers and content of this event. If you have any content-related or other queries, you can contact her on +357 22505543 or via email at despina.chiladaki@imhbusiness.com.

Marketing Manager
Kevi Chishios
Kevi is responsible for the marketing and promotion of this event. If you have any marketing-related questions or suggestions, you can contact her at +357 22505534 and via email at Kevi@imhbusiness.com.


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