18th Digital Marketing Forum

2 Δεκεμβρίου 2022

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With the rapid pace of change in digital marketing, it is difficult to predict the future or keep up with changes. However, today’s businesses and entrepreneurs have a stronger chance of gaining a competitive advantage. Digital marketing has opened up the arena of marketing putting every company and/ or entrepreneur into a level playing field with bigger corporates, visibility and promotion chances. The future of marketing is digital and businesses must follow the fast pace of changes; otherwise they will be overtaken by the competition.

The 18th Digital Marketing Forum will highlight the vital role of digital marketing for the success of any business. Throughout the conference, well-known digital marketing experts from Cyprus and abroad will analyze the latest trends, present innovative tools, and reveal successful solutions and strategies. A number of topics will be discussed during this year’s Forum, including innovative approaches, the importance of behavioral analytics, choosing the right agency, the new Google Analytics and ways to approach B2B customers. These tools will help businesses not just survive turbulent times, but also prosper as the information era evolves.*

Reasons to attend
• To gain insights from top digital marketing experts.
• To understand the value of digital marketing and expand your business.
• To be inspired by case studies of digital marketing that has brought amazing results.
• To gain new ideas for your future strategies.
• To network and have fun with like-minded people.

*The conference will be held by physical presence, based on the health protocols that will apply in the given time and in accordance with the evolution of COVID-19.


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The Forum is a must-attend event for:
• Business Owners, Chief Executive Officers, Marketing, Branding, Business Strategy, Sales, Communication, Customer Relations, Social Media, Public Relations, Business Development and Media Directors and Managers
• Advertising Agency and Market Research Company Executives, Marketing Consultants, Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising Specialists and Platform Developers.

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Cyprus Advertisers Association

The Cyprus Advertisers’ Association (CAA) is a non-profit body representing advertisers in Cyprus. Its members operate in a variety of business sectors – FMCG, telecommunications, finance, retail, etc. Α member of the World Federation of Advertisers since 2004, CAA invests significant time and effort to address three important issues: responsible marketing through industry self-regulation, provision of training for the members and ensuring access to audited and robust media research data.

Cyprus Communication Agencies Association

The Cyprus Communication Agencies Association is a non-profit company representing advertising and communication agencies in Cyprus. Founded in 1982, the CCAA has been a member of the European Association of Communications Agencies since 1990. The Board of the association aims to enhance its cooperation with governmental and other industry bodies, to enlarge the membership base, to provide quality services to member agencies and to have a stronger voice and role in various fora relating to market and media research.

Cyprus Online Publishers Association

The Cyprus Online Publishers Association was founded in May 2016. It consists of 11 Publishing Groups, which operate in online media. COPA’s manifesto is to create a trustful and transparent environment in the online Media market, implement the Code of Ethics among its members, establish an independent and uniform mechanism for auditing, and certify the traffic of all its members’ sites. Ultimately, COPA’s vision is to substantially contribute towards the enhancement, upgrading and development of online Media in Cyprus.

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