Daniell Askholm is Head of Fan Engagement & Management Member in F.C. København. At F.C. København they have the ambition and expectation of being the best, and only being the best is good enough. Fulfilling this ambition is something that Daniell tries to achieve in every part of his work. As Head of Fan Engagement at F.C. København, and a part of the club management, he acts as the intermediary between the club, with direct reference to the club CEO, the SLO-Team, and the club’s fan base. By working in the sphere between the club and its fans, he has had the opportunity to use his mitigating skills to find solutions and compromises without compromising his desire for results and making a difference. With football being an integrated part of his entire life, he has always aspired to work with football on a professional level. He believes that loyalty pays, but can’t be bought. By always having this mantra in mind, he works on strengthening the club identity of F.C. København through the creation and continuous development of cross-organizational projects, to profit both the club and its fans.